18 March 2019

We invite you to join us and participate in the campaign “Por la Libertad de las Presas Políticas de Nicaragua.”

Since April 2018, 102 women have been arbitrarily detained by the police and paramilitaries; 67 women are still being held, 40 are being tried, and 5 have been convicted. Since the arbitrary detention, Habeas Corpus has not been applied. In addition, a verification of the legal and physical conditions faced by the men and women political prisoners has not yet been allowed.

At the start of the criminal case, violations of constitutional guarantees and principles and due process had already been identified, as well as obstacles to defend the political prisoners, since the trial lawyers were not allowed into the preliminary hearings and public defenders were named in their place.

That is why, together with collectives, networks, organizations, and feminists around the world, we initiated the permanent Global Campaign “#QueLasLiberen, Por la Libertad de las Presas Políticas en Nicaragua,” and we will continue the campaign until ALL THE WOMEN are freed and all their rights are restored.

We rebel againstand raise up our collective cry to denounce the torture, cruel treatment, beatings, humiliation, sexual violence, isolation, and harassment that these women, our colleges, have systematically faced.

You can find all the necessary information to join this campaign HERE

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