CARE is our ethical-political commitment

Care is at the center of our work and part of our organizational culture.

Through the Sustainable Activism Program, we more specifically define our focus on ethical-political care with women defenders, activists, and their organizations, using training and regional reflection spaces. These spaces strengthen capacities and fomenta prevention culture that transforms activist practices into conditions of well-being and physical and emotional health.

We understand that self-care and collective care are inseparable, and that essential parts of that care are the territorial-body, physical-body, and virtual-body.

On an international level, we influence the community of human rights donors regarding ethical financing that dialogues with activists and recognizes the importance of care and well-being as a political practice and a critical element for activists, organizations, and movements’ sustainability.

Our Journey

We have built this process together with

Build, learn, and transform collectively

Here you can find the documents that allow us to explore the methodological tools and issues that are crucial to our activism, such as power, agency, and potential risk factors.

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